Deck3 is a workspace and collective platform connecting creative disciplines in the field of dance and the performing arts. It is a collaborative and shared space with likeminded (or not) productive people cultivating the idea of exchange, new ways, try-out and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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workshop for movers

dance                              improvise                         perform                              create

In this workshop we will learn some basic movement principles in combinations and improvisation excersises. through collaboration and exchanging we will also create small choroegraphies in groups - diving deep into levels of movement as a language.

> september 8 &9 | 12-17 hrs | 45 € / 35 € (if you book before 2nd of september)
contact: |

taking place at
Ziegrastraße 11

Miriam Welk, born on December 13, 1983 in Germany. She is collaborating as a dancer, choreographer and dancefilm maker with numerous artists in projects like treasure factory Her artistic interest lies in the experimental and interdisciplinary research combined with sociological and philosophical discurses in. Miriam Welk is the initiator of the artist collective wilde pferde
Her productions were shown at Festspielhaus Hellerau, FriedrichstatZentral e.V., Projekttheater (Dresden), Sophiensæle, Mica Moca Project (Berlin), at Tanzwoche Dresden 2009, OpenDans Festival 2010 and 2011 (Rotterdam). She also worked as a teacher in several projects in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Israel, The Palestinian Autonomous Territories.
She is experienced in teaching contemporary, improvisation and children dance classes. She is also teaching workshops where tools for choreography and collective work are procured.
Here are some institutions and projects, where she worked in the past are:
Nederlands Dans Theater
Black Box White Cube
Kinder- und Jugendzirkus 
Jeugdtheaterschool Leiden 


Body Weather Training and Performance Workshop
Berlin 21-25 May 2012
with Frank van de Ven (BW Amsterdam)

Part A 10.00 - 13.30 Body Weather training
Body Weather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that investigates the
intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are not conceived as fixed and separate
entities but are - just like the weather - constantly changing through an infinite and complex system
of processes occurring in- and outside of these bodies. As a training, Body Weather is of relevance
to anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence and this workshop is suited to
dance, theatre and movement practitioners and artists of various backgrounds.
The term & philosophical basis for Body Weather was founded in the early 1980's by dancer Min
Tanaka and further developed by Laboratories worldwide. Frank van de Ven was a member of
Tanaka’s Maijuku Performance Company in Japan, from 1983-1991. With Katerina Bakatsaki he
leads Body Weather Amsterdam, a platform for training and performance. For more info on

Part B 14.00 -17.00 Solo Performance Development
In the afternoon we all work on performance. This can include movement, text, images and
objects. Please send in a description of your plan of action before 10th of May. Exchange between
participants is part of the process as well as guidance and feed-back by the workshop leader. On
the Friday evening, the work in progress will be shown (not obligatory) to an invited audience.
Studio : Deck 3 - Ziegrastrasse 11, 12057, Neukolln, Berlin -
Dates : Monday 21 till Friday 25 May 2011. Time : 10h-13h30 and 14h-17h
Workshop fee: Part A : 140 euro - Part B : 120 euro - A and B : 220 euro (students - unwaged 200)
1 single morning: 35 euro. 2 mornings or more: 30 euro
Performance: Friday 25 May at 18h in the studio
Info and reservations David Hall Tel: +49- (0)1578-4250-969
Viviana Defazio +49-(0)1762-2862-656

NOW WE! 16TH. OCT. 20.00

featuring artists of the studio collective Deck3
including works by

Thomas Proksch
Anna Katharina Weißenfels
and more!


| resonance | relating to sound, space and time
improvisation workshop for dance artists

Workshop: 3 hrs.  :::: 15:00 -18:00

| resonance | is based on practices that enable heightened states of sensory perception. The workshop shares methods for reverberating mindfully with other dancers during duet and ensemble improvisation. We will focus on listening, sensing, and acting from sound, movement, and memory impulses. We will explore expansions and contractions of energy and sound in our bodies and in the space. We will trace the pathways that movement material takes between outside and inside: input - filtering - output - sending. Rather than reacting to other bodies, we will cultivate a stance that allows us to observe, consider, and respond with as much of our selves as possible.
The group will explore questions like: How do we transmit messages that perpetuate in different forms through the space instead of dying out? How do we translate or morph messages into different media like writing, drawing, or assessing? How can we use vibration, reflection, sounding, panning, resounding, writing, and remembering to create a resonating body?

Workshop is free.
donations are greatly appreciated.

| resonance | movement + sound

Performance: 1 hr ::::  19:00

| resonance | is a structured improvisation that involves participants from workshop and invited sound artists responding to and influencing movement + sound in various groupings and patterns. Sound artists will use sine waves, and panning and phasing techniques, to move sound in space creating a physical sonic environment. The movement artists will respond to sound, and each other, and will in return influence the sound, perpetuating the cycle.

Performance is free.
donations are greatly appreciated.

FOR REGISTRATION contact Bilwa :: williambilwacosta(at)gmail(dot)com

For more information on Bilwa ::
Also example of sound ::

JETZT WIR! NOW WE! 6.8.2011 @ mica moca berlin

a roundtour through staged spaces,
featuring artists of the studio collective deck 3/ neukölln,

including objects-, video and performance installations by

Signe Koefoed
Balz Isler
Thomas Proksch
Ingo Keil
Anne Weissenfels
Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez
Raisa Kröger

Katharina Meyer

visit us between 20:00 p.m. and 23:00 pm